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        A number of products are included in the National Torch Plan and provincial and municipal key science and technology project plans, and are supported by the National Innovation Fund
        ZYC series hydraulic static pile driver
        ZWY Series Backhoe Loader for Coal Mine
        ZXL crawler type small auger drill
        WYL electric excavator
        CFG series hydraulic walking long auger drilling rig
        SMW series construction method pile driver
        Walk into Xintianhe
        Forging a high-end brand in the industry and creating the most respected enterprise

        Hunan Xintianhe Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2005 and is located in Jiuhua National Economic and Technological Development Zone, Xiangtan, Hunan. It covers an area of 100 acres and has a registered capital of 28 million yuan. It specializes in R&D, production and sales of high-performance and environmentally friendly projects. Machinery, mining machinery, road maintenance machinery products, self-operated import and export business of machinery and equipment.

        • 2005year
          The company was established in April 2005
        • 60items
          Now has 60 patents
        • 100acres
          Company area
        service support
        Create value for customers move customers with sincerity